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Dental Crowns in Salamander Bay & Nelson Bay, Port Stephens

Dental crown illustrationOptions for maintaining a beautiful smile for life have come a long way in recent years, and Cheeky Grin Dental Port Stephens is dedicated to using the best technology available to help our patients put their best smile forward.

Dental crowns are a durable, comfortable way to save a tooth or change its appearance. Our dentist Dr Edward Jo has over a decade of experience and advanced training in this restorative service.
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What Are They?

Think of a crown as a helmet for your tooth—it helps hold the tooth together and protects it from further damage. We’ll often recommend this restoration for a tooth cracked or broken down from multiple fillings, or after a root canal therapy, which compromises the tooth’s strength. In some cases, it can be used for aesthetic purposes, when a tooth is discoloured or positioned oddly.

Crown model

What to Expect

As with all of our services, we’ll begin with a consultation and examination to determine the best approach for your specific needs. When you’re ready to begin, we’ll numb the tooth and then shape it by removing about 1 mm of tooth material from the top and sides, to allow room for the “helmet.” We’ll take scans or moulds of the tooth and send them to our lab in Sydney to fabricate the cap.

In the meantime, we’ll place a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Then, when the final crown comes from the lab, we’ll have you back in. We’ll make sure it fits well and looks the way you want it to, and, when you’re satisfied, we’ll glue it in place.

How to Take Care of It

The materials used for these restorations are extremely durable and long-lasting, creating a tooth that’s as strong as a natural tooth. You brush and floss it like your other teeth, and with proper hygiene and regular cleanings, it can last twenty years.

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